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nighttime highs.


Disclaimer: NONE of the following is medical advice. It is all my own opinion and I am nothing even remotely close to a medical professional. I am NOT a doctor, so if you are interested in changing anything about your current medical plan, contact your GP or diabetes care team.

I’ve been battling with nighttime highs for about a month now, and they are currently getting the best of me. I can’t figure them out.

See, I ALWAYS get up to use the bathroom and check my sugar between 1am and 3am, no matter what my bg is. It’s just habit. For the past few weeks, the number looking back at me during my nighttime check has been sub-par, in my opinion. Normally, it’s between 180 and 220 (not that 180 is a terrible number, just when a pattern start to develop, it’s frustrating and obviously something needs to be changed for me.). I think what makes it REALLY sub-par is that it’s a stubborn 180-220. It gets an additional point in sub-par-ness because it makes me feel like poo.

So I correct (full dose, used to not be able to do that because it made me low by morning) and go back to sleep. When I wake up to the instrumental version of “Bad to the Bone” (our alarm), I’m always hoping for a cooperative 95. Nope (maybe we need a new alarm, like ‘Steady as She Goes’ by the Raconteurs. Think it would encourage my bg to be ‘steady’ instead of ‘bad’?). I’m fairly consistently waking up at 170. What. The. Hell.

So I troubleshoot. About a week ago I upped my 12am and 3am basals by 0.1. For the past few days I’ve had some really great early morning sugars! Yay!! Until this morning. T’was the same old story. I took a correction at 2am and one when I woke up at 9am. I was starting to think maybe it was my pump set, but now I’m hovering around 80.

I have a couple of hypotheses, I’m not sure if any are valid.

1. Dawn Phenomenon. But, could it be making my sugars rise so inconsistently?
2. I’m sleeping on pump set weird and it’s making my cannula kink due to pressure, but then when I wake up, I’m not laying on it so it’s back to delivering me normal amounts of insulin. I feel like this is REALLY far fetched, but it’s something I came up with one day and I can’t shake it. I’ve been trying NOT to sleep on my site, but I have been for 14 years. Plus, I wear them in my arms, stomach and side butt.. so how can I NOT sleep on it?! Has anyone ever had this issue? Is this even possible, for it to bend a little but then straighten back out?

I need all of the help I can get, as I’m really getting tired of dealing with this. I go to my Endo office on 11-7, but I’m not seeing my actual Endo or her PA (both of which I really like). The PA is gone from the practice, so unless I want to wait until next year to get a visit in, I’m having to see a Nurse Practioner (not knocking nurse practitioners, I’m just hesitant to change). I’m trying to think positively, but I’m not sure about it, and I don’t know why. It could be the greatest Dr. visit of my entire diabetic career, who knows. I’m going to schedule an appointment with my favorite CDE later in November, just for backup.

Anyways, any and all opinions/encouragement/advice would be helpful (especially regarding the validity of my hypotheses).