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world diabetes day 2013


In celebration of World Diabetes Day:

  • My pump woke me up at 2am, screaming “I HAVE NO INSULIN LEFT IN ME.” I replied, “ME NEITHER,” and tried to roll over and go back to sleep, but then I thought better of it and decided I didn’t want to be swimming in ketones come 6am.
  • I forgot to test my blood sugar until about 3 minutes ago! It was 78, so I win, but even with my CGM I try not to play that game. The more you know! (the better)

Happy Day to you all, here’s to hoping we can raise awareness in a few more people today.


i think i can. i know i can.


I’m not really doing National Health Blog Post Month (30 posts in 30 days) this year, but I have been admiring some of the prompts, so I’d like to participate when I can.

Day 2 prompt (see.. I can’t even get to the prompts on the right day!) was this:

Write 3 lines that start with “I think I can…”

Then write 3 lines that start with “I know I can…”

I think I can always choose happiness.
I think I can 
do anything I put my mind to (with diabetes).
I think I can 
look at each blood sugar as a chance to maintain or improve.

I know I can always choose happiness.
I know I can
do anything I put my mind to (even with diabetes).
I know I can
look at each blood sugar as a chance to maintain or improve.

I just didn’t feel right about doing separate “I think I cans” (see “I know I can” #2).

ALSO, Diabetes Month Photo A Day. I’m behind.
Day 2 (check). Beautiful morning bike ride with the loves of my life? Check.

Day 3 (snack). Cheating a bit and enjoying a deeee-licious buffalo chicken dip snack with friends and football. I always forget to take pictures before snack/meal is halfway gone.


d.a.m. 2013


When November 1st, 2012 hit – I feel like I was in such a different spot in regards to my attention to diabetes (both generally and specific to my diabetes). Actually, I was on the way home from a work conference, pimping my blue circle earrings, ready to celebrate (educate)!

This year, I’ve been so busy with work and life that I’ve barely even noticed that Diabetes Awareness Month is upon us. Yes, I knew it was November when I woke up this morning, but I had no plans to shout from the rooftop what this month means to me. That is, until I received two Facebook notifications that reminded me how much the people near and dear to me (who don’t live with diabetes themselves) care about finding a cure.

From a dear childhood friend’s profile:

Mari FB Post
My Mama’s new cover picture:

Mom Cover Picture

Just because I’m busier (or maybe just going through a small diabetes burnout) doesn’t mean I can’t find time to take advantage of Diabetes Awareness Month and educate folks, celebrate our successes, and just enjoy a month of blue with you fine people.

Also, for day one of Diabetes Month Photo A Day (day 1, past):
I call this “way past time to change my sensor.”
Dexcom Sensor
Sensor Expiring