yay crestline.


I love October. The leaves are changing, crisp fall weather is here, and I get to wear boots. Not to mention, the whole US seems to get decked out in pink. I’m not a fan of pink (I’m not very girly) but I love the notion that so many people can get behind one cause — to fight breast cancer. It’s amazing to see so many people come together.

I also love November, for all of the reasons mentioned above in regards to weather and fashion — plus, it’s diabetes awareness month! My one wish, though, is that I would see more people coming together to fight diabetes. I wish that Jay Cutler would sport blue on the field! (For the record, I’m not bitter that other diseases get attention — breast cancer has affected people that I know and love and I wish we could cure it. Just saying that it would be awesome to go from a month of pink to a month of blue. I also know there are thousands of diseases that deserve awareness that don’t get enough attention. I just happen to live with type 1 diabetes.)

Anyways, I was working away the other day, and an e-mail popped into my work inbox from Crestline (a company I order promo materials from for work) – subject line ‘November Awareness Items – On Sale Now!’ I gasped! Could it be!?

Crestline Email Header
Crestline Items
Crestline Items 2

How awesome is that? Yay Crestline! Only thing that confused me was the mints (last picture, right side). I thought they were glucose tablets, but alas — mints for ‘The Great American Smokeout’.


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