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wordless wednesday – trash.



This picture is from the last time I did a set change and sensor change at the same time. I don’t think that was all of the trash, even. Feeling wasteful, but hey – gotta live!


yay crestline.


I love October. The leaves are changing, crisp fall weather is here, and I get to wear boots. Not to mention, the whole US seems to get decked out in pink. I’m not a fan of pink (I’m not very girly) but I love the notion that so many people can get behind one cause — to fight breast cancer. It’s amazing to see so many people come together.

I also love November, for all of the reasons mentioned above in regards to weather and fashion — plus, it’s diabetes awareness month! My one wish, though, is that I would see more people coming together to fight diabetes. I wish that Jay Cutler would sport blue on the field! (For the record, I’m not bitter that other diseases get attention — breast cancer has affected people that I know and love and I wish we could cure it. Just saying that it would be awesome to go from a month of pink to a month of blue. I also know there are thousands of diseases that deserve awareness that don’t get enough attention. I just happen to live with type 1 diabetes.)

Anyways, I was working away the other day, and an e-mail popped into my work inbox from Crestline (a company I order promo materials from for work) – subject line ‘November Awareness Items – On Sale Now!’ I gasped! Could it be!?

Crestline Email Header
Crestline Items
Crestline Items 2

How awesome is that? Yay Crestline! Only thing that confused me was the mints (last picture, right side). I thought they were glucose tablets, but alas — mints for ‘The Great American Smokeout’.

nicotine patches & grapes.


I’m going to do my best to be matter of fact. I don’t want to complain about people’s ignorance about diabetes (I mean I do want to complain, I just know complaining won’t accomplish anything. Correcting people and teaching them might, though. Might.). I’ve had some interesting things said to me (or to my family) recently.

  • At a wedding last weekend, my mom went to get me some grapes because I was hovering around 70 mg/dl. She was loading her plate full and said to the person behind her something like ‘Sorry I’m stealing all of the grapes — my daughter’s blood sugar is a little low.’ The response she got? OH. GRAPES WILL KILL A DIABETIC. Mom walked away, laughing uncontrollably at what had been said to her.
  • Apparently though, I should be soaking apples and cinnamon in water and drinking it. The guy who told me this also said he doesn’t understand why diabetics eat cake when we know we shouldn’t. I had eaten cake the night before (successfully, no big spike) and made sure he was aware of that. I also made sure he was aware that apple cinnamon water sounds disgusting and said concoction wouldn’t convince my pancreas to start making insulin.
  • At the bar last night, multiple intoxicated people were surprised I was able to drink beer and not pass out. They were also shocked that I was not severely overweigh. They kept telling me to ‘keep it up’ but they felt like I could achieve a lower a1c. Husband convinced me that they had no clue what they were talking about, but I still day dreamed about pouring their beer on their head, flipping them off, and walking away.
  • At the same bar, my husband and I started playing corn hole with a (drunk) stranger. Please note that my dexcom is currently on my arm and it was visible. During the game (Drunk) Stranger says “SOOOO. Is one of us here trying to quit smoking?” I knew immediately he wanted to know what the fuck was sticking on my arm, but his way of asking seemed so rude. If you’re interested in the device on my arm, don’t sidestep around the question — I’d prefer you just ask. So I told him no, neither of us smoke, and asked him if he was trying to quit. He said no. I asked him why he had that question, and he said no reason. I called him out, asked him if he was referring to the thing on my arm, and was able to explain to him what it really was.

Moral of the story? Keep educating. And don’t pour beer on people’s heads. And don’t eat grapes? (Kidding. Eat grapes. Delicious, and not poisonous to diabetics. ARE poisonous to dogs, though.)

wordless wednesday – diabetes outfit.


Brushing off the dust on this here blog. It’s been over a month, so I figured Wordless Wednesday would be the most mindless way to ease back into things. I’ve missed blogging! So, without further ado — here is what my outfit from this morning (hid all of my diabetes gadgets perfectly) turned into by 4:00 this afternoon. I’m obviously not ashamed of my gadgets 🙂 It’s about convenience, yo.


Thank you Momma, for my Tallygear birthday present!!