endo appointment – points of interest.


Word for word, these are my notes/questions/points of interest I’m bringing to my endo appointment this afternoon. I’ve also put together 4 or 5 different Dexcom reports. I’m trying to be extra organized because I’ve felt SO not-on-top-of-things recently. And if I don’t organize myself, I’ll probably just cry happy or sad tears, for whatever reason (& that can be awkward). Wish me luck!

Endo Appt
August 21, 2013

  1.  Duke charges each appointment as hospital based services. I’m still paying off over $1,000 in medical bills. I can’t keep accumulating this much medical debt.
    1. Any chance in charging as office based services?
    2. New endo? 😦
    3. Do lab tests outside of Duke to keep it cheaper?
  2. Basal Rates
    1. Feel like I’m having too many nighttime lows, Dexcom doesn’t really reflect that though.
    2. Alcohol. Two beers makes me plummet. Never happened in college.
  3. Dexcom Graphs – take last week with a grain of salt. Was in my thigh and about 30 points off at any given time.
  4. Exercise Tips
    1. When to set lower basal rate
    2. Anything else
  5. Ketones
    1. Had ketones on Monday with a steady 180 all morning. I had exercised. Maybe it was my insulin. 

About Carlyn

I am a friend, wife, daughter, sister, dog-mother and self-proclaimed 'blogger' who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1997 at the age of 10. I live in Durham, North Carolina with my husband and two (wild) hound dogs. We make the best of life by trying our hardest to take one day at a time, one unit at a time. You can contact me via e-mail at oneunitatatime@gmail.com!

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  1. I feel your pain. I stopped going to Duke because of the triple billing and was not seeing good results on my sugars. Went back to my hometown (Burlington) doc and have been doing much better at less costs. I am pumping with cgm(ocassionally). I like reading your blog. You encourage me. Thanks, Gretchen

    • Hey Gretchen! I hope I can figure something out. If it was something that I knew I wasn’t going to have to keep treating, it would be a different story! But I can’t get out from under one set of bills before the next appointment comes up. I’m looking at Cary Endocrine. Who do you see in Burlington? I work for the City of Graham!! Thank you so much for reading, that means a lot to me.

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  3. Yikes, I would probably be changing doctors quickly if I had to pay as a hospital service 😦 Hope you got your questions answered! Good for you for checking your ketones, I admit I don’t think I would be checking mine if my BG was 180 but I guess I probably should be doing that. I’m curious what the doctor said about when to do the temp basal/lower basal for exercise, I’ve wondered that myself

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