Husband and I just got back from vacation.  Normally while I’m letting my mind and body relax on a nice trip (normally.. like I take vacations all the time..) I don’t worry quite as much about my blood sugars. We’re usually heavier on carbs, drinking beer, feasting on desserts – so I tend to loosen up on my range a bit. Everyone needs a little break, come on.

I’ve noticed that recently I feel a lot more lethargic than I used to when I’m in the high 170-200 range, and I didn’t want to bring that feeling on vacation. So I decided to do a little planning. I, like a lot of you probably do, have certain foods that I purchase regularly because I know what they do to my blood sugars. I’m comfortable eating them, I know what to bolus for them, and it just works. So before we left town I made a trip to the grocery store to get foods for breakfast, lunch and snack to help tame my sugars.

The results? Well, for one, I felt like a food hoarder. I had so much food in my room, my family probably wondered when I developed a food addiction (sorry family, now you know why). For two, (for two?) my main purpose in hoarding food felt successful. My blood sugars were pretty damn cooperative. That’s not to say that I didn’t let myself do what I wanted. We had lasagna, burritos, and I ate dessert every night it was offered. I swag bolused for every one of these aforementioned foods and got pretty decent numbers out of it. Nothing was perfect, by any means, but I felt in control of my diabetes, and that made vacation so much sweeter.

Now that I’ve said this, my sugars are probably going to run rampant. What do you do to help tame the ‘beetus on vacation?

Also – here are the only three pictures I took (need to get better at this before we have kids):





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  1. ONLY THREE PICTURES WHILE ON VACATION??!!!! I think my photographer soul just died a little bit 🙂 But so happy you had a great time, your sugars behaved, and the food hoarding worked! We are heading to the beach in a few weeks, just for a long weekend, but I expect I’ll be doing something similar. It’s just easier having foods handy that I am familiar with rather than depending solely on mysterious (but usually delicious) vacation food.

    • I know!!!!! I knew I’d disappoint you! What happens is I have a terribly crappy and old point and shoot and the lenses thingy catches and won’t open more times then not. Then I always leave my phone at home. So I’m camera-less. So I take mental pictures. One day I’ll be better 🙂

  2. Ahh I can’t believe you only took three photos! What is your secret!? I take way too many photos on vacation haha. Glad your blood sugars behaved! Food hoarding is starting to become a habit of mine while traveling as well 😛

    • I need to learn to take MORE pictures! I guess on one hand I just enjoy the moment, but once the moment is over, I miss having something to remember it by!

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