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puddle of insulin.


[ Quick Note: I’m currently switching between a few different pumps due to (1) insurance woes.. that are now settled.. and (2), having a surplus of  oooold Medtronic supplies that I’m trying to use up before I have to send back my loaner pump in August. So right now, I’m using the Medtronic loaner pump, a new Animas, and a new Omnipod that I purchased out of pocket. I feel like  a pump pimp. This should probably be a blog post in and of itself. /’quick’ note.]

For 14.5 years, I have been sporting a tubed pump. I’ve worn it with dresses, skirts, bathing suits, and with my wedding dress. I’ve figured out how to most comfortably (to me) wear a tubed pump with these sorts of outfits, and I’ve figured out how to give myself insulin with a pump clipped to my undies (basically, you have to not care about how weird you look as a pump drops to your feet after you MacGyver it off of the waistband of your underwear).

But then, I was introduced to a tubeless pump! My first trial with the Omipod, I wasn’t so impressed. But I was recently given the opportunity to purchase one for $199 via Insulet’s Cut the Cord program (if you’re interested – contact Insulet to see if you are eligible and if this program is still going on). I absolutely LOVE the freedom and the smaller pods. On the flip side, though – I love my tubed pump for it’s familiarity and convenience (always attached to your body while Omnipod PDM is not). So currently, I try to think ahead while I’m changing my pump set, and insert either the Omnipod or a tubed pump – based on what the next few days’ activities consist of. Most of the time, planning ahead works, and I’m happy with my pump choice. This past Friday, though I didn’t plan ahead, and I COULDN’T STAND wearing my Animas with a dress, knowing that the Omnipod was just sitting there, waiting for me in the drawer.

So instead of torturing myself, I decided to use my Omnipod for the weekend. I could just take the insulin out of the Animas cartridge and use it in my new pod (not medical advice). Every drop counts. I’d gotten really good at doing this very same thing with Medtronic reservoirs. Turns out, I’ve got some learning to do with Animas.

Because that there folks is 66 units of perfectly good insulin puddled on my kitchen table. Did I think about sucking it up with a reservoir? Sure did. Instead, I wiped it up, proceeded with the pump change, and smelt like band-aids for my night out with friends.





Happy Blue Friday, from my eyeball.

I’m happy to say that I scheduled and attended my annual eye doctor appointment this week! I’m not happy to say that the sucker pictured above was my reason for initially scheduling the appointment.  Any of you reading this that have diabetes know: your eye bothers ya, ya freak out (also, a shout out to Chris, @notODG, on twitter for keeping me sane a couple of times).

My right eye has been giving me problems for about a month now. There is just a slight blur/fuzzy spot/goopy spot on the bottom right hand side of my right eye. It almost feels like I have an eye booger that I can’t get out. And it’s mostly there when I’m sitting in front of the computer. Just bothersome enough, but not horrible. Sort of like my wild hound dogs 😉

I went to the doctor and was able to explain what was going on without breaking down. I answered their typical questions and read all of the little letters correctly and realized that based on my answers to the questions, I’m turning into my mother (Q: Do you drink? A: Yes, on the weekends. Q: Are you a fall risk? A: Only if I’m drinking. Thanks Mom, I love you!)

The doctor’s assistant proceeded to dilate my eyeballs. I proceeded to look like I was on drugs. He told me that he could write a very, very weak prescription for glasses – but it was so weak that it probably wouldn’t be necessary and the doctor agreed that it was pointless. (Side story: This isn’t surprising – I has a strong glasses prescription when I was diagnosed and wore them until my vision corrected itself, after I started taking insulin. I also was given a very weak prescription in college, but I don’t wear them.) I was finally taken in to see the actual ophthalmologist. She did her ophthalmologist-y things, and then told me that everything still looked perfect. YAY!

But wait. There is still a fuzzball in my eyes. Her diagnosis? Dry eyes. I need to become addicted to eye drops.  My husband’s professional opinion is that I should drink more water (I should). So I’ve been doing both. And for a couple of days, it didn’t seem to be working all that well. So yesterday I put on those glasses from college with the really weak prescription – and the fuzzball wasn’t bothering me (but they make my computer look like a trapezoid instead of a rectangle). Is my vision better because of the glasses or because I’m more hydrated? I’m not sure, but I think I’ll have the doctor send over the new glasses prescription, just to see (ba-dum-ch).



Husband and I just got back from vacation.  Normally while I’m letting my mind and body relax on a nice trip (normally.. like I take vacations all the time..) I don’t worry quite as much about my blood sugars. We’re usually heavier on carbs, drinking beer, feasting on desserts – so I tend to loosen up on my range a bit. Everyone needs a little break, come on.

I’ve noticed that recently I feel a lot more lethargic than I used to when I’m in the high 170-200 range, and I didn’t want to bring that feeling on vacation. So I decided to do a little planning. I, like a lot of you probably do, have certain foods that I purchase regularly because I know what they do to my blood sugars. I’m comfortable eating them, I know what to bolus for them, and it just works. So before we left town I made a trip to the grocery store to get foods for breakfast, lunch and snack to help tame my sugars.

The results? Well, for one, I felt like a food hoarder. I had so much food in my room, my family probably wondered when I developed a food addiction (sorry family, now you know why). For two, (for two?) my main purpose in hoarding food felt successful. My blood sugars were pretty damn cooperative. That’s not to say that I didn’t let myself do what I wanted. We had lasagna, burritos, and I ate dessert every night it was offered. I swag bolused for every one of these aforementioned foods and got pretty decent numbers out of it. Nothing was perfect, by any means, but I felt in control of my diabetes, and that made vacation so much sweeter.

Now that I’ve said this, my sugars are probably going to run rampant. What do you do to help tame the ‘beetus on vacation?

Also – here are the only three pictures I took (need to get better at this before we have kids):




Wordless Wednesday: Notes



I sent husband my 7 day Dexcom graph after I sent it to me CDE yesterday, really only to complain because I couldn’t pick out any obvious trends.

He texted me toward the end of the day, “Got your graph,” he said, “Made some notes.”

Aaaand on that note, we’re going on vacation for a bit!