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wordless wednesday – mellow



I love this girl. She makes me laugh.


pumps attract babies.


There I was, there I was.. working diligently on a sunny Sunday afternoon. A few minutes earlier, I had helped an adorable four year old who calls himself “Santa” and his mother get a couple pairs of ice skates to take a spin on our synthetic ice skating rink. As I monitored the rink (no, this isn’t the core of my full time job, just one of the many random things/programs I run), I noticed Santa skate clumsily by me. As he passed, his neck craned. He wouldn’t stop looking at my pants. Then I realized it wasn’t my pants that intrigued him, it was my insulin pump.

I giggled to myself. I’ve read blogs and talked to diabetic mommies that proclaim their children are always after their pumps like they’re some magical toy. Santa probably hasn’t seen a pump before. That’s when I heard him say, “Mama! She has a pump!”

And they continued to skate. And I got REALLY excited, like I do when I meet other diabetics. And then I got really sad, because I hoped Santa didn’t know what a pump was because he had to tote one around on his tiny little body.

They made another circle around the ice, and Santa addressed me directly. “You have diaBEEtees, just like my Mama!” he exclaimed. “Yes sir, I do,” I told him. His Mama grinned at me, and patted the outline of her pump under her dress.



National Health Blog Post Month has defeated me. I was really bummed that I didn’t make it through the entire month, but, such is life. I realized at one point that I needed to focus more on getting my daily exercise in after long days at work than writing blog posts. Not that blog posts aren’t necessary for my mental health, but I had to get some sleep in the mix, too. Priorities, I guess? But it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve written. Sheesh.

So I woke this morning as usual. Tested my blood sugar through my squinty eyes. Took my phone off the charger and peeked at what I had missed in the world while I slept. I was shocked, excited and touched that my blog post Where Can I Mail a Postcard to Diabetes? had been chosen for Best of the ‘Betes Blogs for November. As I congratulated myself, I realized that a part of me needed to write again. Not just for myself, but for anyone (ALL THREE OF YOU!!) who might stumble upon my blog.

I’ve noticed recently, as I’ve been a little disconnected from the diabetes online community, that I haven’t been checking my sugars quite as often. I’ll let highs linger for a little longer. Ignore pump sites that might not be fully functioning. SWAG bolus a little more frequently. When I’m reading other blogs or writing my own on a nightly basis, I don’t let myself slack off as much. Because, really, how can I hear about diabetes, diabetes, diabetes, and not pay attention to my own?

And then last night I watched dLife (I am such a dork, but secretly I want to work for them) as I do every Sunday evening, and they were showing a piece on some recent research on diabetes and media (I can’t find video for it yet, might be too soon). It basically concluded that folks who are connected to diabetes websites, forums and other resources (they proved this using an all inclusive website available to research participants) are more likely to have better A1C’s. I absolutely, whole heartedly agree – and I’m proof.

So let me quit my rambling and just give my eternal thanks to whoever nominated me for this month’s Best of the ‘Betes Blogs – it means more than you’ll ever know. And thank you to every other diabetic out there who is moral support to anyone. I’ve realized that in addition to regular exercise and eating right, it really does mean a lot to my health to stay connected to the diabetes online community in some way or another. Priorities, reconsidered.