a short one on pharma and social media.


I’m participating in WEGO Health’s National Health Blog Post Month (#NHBPM) during the month of November. I’ll be writing 30 posts in 30 days based on the prompts they supply. Learn more here. Wish me luck!

Today’s prompt: “Why healthcare companies (or healthcare professionals) should use social media…”

I’m going to rely on a few recent personal experiences for this one. To me, it seems only natural that pharmaceutical companies embrace social media. Healthcare professionals, though? I’m not quite sure. It seems like there would be a lot of red tape on that front.. as far as HIPAA laws and patient confidentiality and whatnot. I’m also not sure I’d want to tweet my doctor about my health. Just seems too wide open (oh, wait.. but I blog about my health! Just seems different).

The ways I’ve used social media recently to complain have a conversation with a couple of the medical companies I use. I’m happy to say that they both got back to me (either through tweets or direct messages) within a couple of hours, so I guess that’s something for companies to consider before jumping on the social media train.

I wouldn’t NOT use a healthcare company because they don’t use social media.. but it certainly does change my view of them. I feel  like it really establishes the fact that they are willing and able to have a conversation with their patients/customers in a very tech-friendly and convenient (to us) way. I appreciate the effort.


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