traveling with diabetes.


I’m participating in WEGO Health’s National Health Blog Post Month (#NHBPM) during the month of November. I’ll be writing 30 posts in 30 days based on the prompts they supply. Learn more here. Wish me luck!

Today’s prompt: “Write about what it’s like to travel with your condition…”

I’m just getting back from a 4 day work conference, so traveling with diabetes is fresh on my mind. I’m also ridiculously behind on work, life, cleaning, blogging and sleeping – so once again, sorry!

For me, traveling with diabetes requires a lot of extra planning and a bit of extra attention during my trips.

I left for Greenville, NC on Sunday around noon. My co-workers were picking me up, so I had to be ready to go before they got to me. I packed everything on Saturday night. I’m not sure if it’s my nature, or if it’s diabetes nurture – but I’m a planner. Diabetes-wise, I packed:

  • My last box of VerioIQ strips
  • My VerioIQ meter (always with me)
  • A back-up meter and pricker in case I lost my Verio (or it was stolen, or it broke, or I lost the charger, etc.)
  • Strips for backup meter
  • Needles in case my pump breaks
  • 2 bottles of NovoLog (I’m always worried one will spoil or break)
  • A Lantus pen (in case my pump breaks)
  • One box of pump infusion sets
  • One box of pump reservoirs
  • Shooter to insert infusion set
  • Tegaderm
  • Alcohol swabs
  • SkinTac
  • Medical Adhesive (for taping down sites)
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • A penny for battery changes
  • 2 Dexcom sensors
  • Dexcom and VerioIQ chargers
  • My big book o’ diabetes knowledge (current basal rates, emergency endo number, off-pump plan)
  • Glucagon
  • Extra Glucose
  • Carb free snacks (I was afraid all of our meals would be really carb heavy. Which isn’t necessarily a problem, but for me, lower carb keeps my sugars more stable)
  • Bottle of apple juice to keep in the room

That might actually be everything, aside from what I carry in my purse on a daily basis (if you’re really interested, you can see that here).

But, in addition to thinking about what to pack for my trip, there were other things to think about. Like the fact that Edgepark called me on Friday and told me my new shipment of strips would arrive while I was away (thank you, favorite neighbor who always brings in my packages while I’m gone!). Or that because I didn’t really have access to a vehicle the whole time, I had to make sure to bring extra sets and strips in my purse so that I wouldn’t be stranded with no ride back to the hotel. Or that at the Monday night dinner, the ONLY thing to drink (besides beer and wine) was sweet tea. REALLY!?! Or making sure that the hotel I booked had a fridge (recently stayed in one that didn’t have a fridge) to store my insulin. Or double checking that I have all the supplies I need on hand, and if not – refilling scripts and picking them up.

Luckily, my sugars were cooperative for the most part during this trip. That’s not always the case. The last vacation husband and I took, we were surprised to be staying at a place where a lot of families with kids were staying, too. We joked about how we were content at this point in our lives to not have kids to tend to while sipping margaritas at a restaurant.. when I realized that diabetes is a lot like our child. We need a babysitter, and a cure.


About Carlyn

I am a friend, wife, daughter, sister, dog-mother and self-proclaimed 'blogger' who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1997 at the age of 10. I live in Durham, North Carolina with my husband and two (wild) hound dogs. We make the best of life by trying our hardest to take one day at a time, one unit at a time. You can contact me via e-mail at!

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