how i’m slowly becoming addicted to twitter


I’m participating in WEGO Health’s National Health Blog Post Month (#NHBPM) during the month of November. I’ll be writing 30 posts in 30 days based on the prompts they supply. Learn more here. Wish me luck!

Today’s prompt: “My favorite thing about social media/the internet/online health communities…”

My husband just glanced over and saw my blog title. “Slowly?” he laughed. “I’d call it quickly.” Ok, fine. So this is the story of how I’m quickly becoming addicted to twitter.

I’ve had an account on twitter for almost 2 years now. Up until  October 9th, I had tweeted a total of zero things. I guess it was reading other people’s blogs and seeing their twitter feeds that made me want to actually get into the twittersphere. Whatever it was, I’m glad I did.

It’s not that twitter has totally changed my life and the way I live it (but come next diabetes burnout, I’ll take that back). It’s changing the way that I gather my information and what I pay attention to (news-wise and diabetes-wise). I’m ‘meeting’ new people. I would have never known about diabetes blog x,y, or z if it wasn’t for twitter. Those highs I’ve been having at night? Thank you twitter, for sending someone to my blog to give me some advice. I’ve learned of new initiatives going on during Diabetes Awareness Month (THIS MONTH!!) and have nodded my head in agreement many times to someone else tweeting about a bad low (or some diafail).

Twitter isn’t the only social media platform that I use in regards to my health (Facebook, TuDiabetes), but so far I think it’s my favorite for everyday use.

Did I even really answer the prompt? I think I was bad at this when I was assigned writing prompts at school, too.


In other news, happy T1 Day! Learn more about that here. If you’re someone who doesn’t have diabetes reading this blog, you can sign up to experience ‘life with type 1 diabetes for a day.’ No shots involved, just text messages. Learn more here.

And for anyone who didn’t know, November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Help me spread the word about diabetes, finding a cure, and the struggles people with diabetes face everyday. Hug your favorite diabetic! Wear blue!! Please!!!


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  1. yay twitter! it really is addictive. it’s just so amazing to be able to connect with other people with diabetes all over the world. so glad you’ve found us! 🙂

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