Give Me Your Food.


Happy Independence Day (tomorrow)!

Husband and I actually get a whole day off work! We weren’t sure that it was going to happen, being in the recreation profession and all.. but it is! So tomorrow, we will be jailing the wild hounds in their appropriate spot in the basement (cool floor.. they actually love it) and headed to Greensboro to party with the family.

We decided to celebrate tomorrow’s non-alarm morning with a nice dinner at home tonight. It feels like we haven’t been focusing on a healthy diet lately and I hate that. It’s either one of us is working late, we’re out seeing friends, or we’re too exhausted to think about cooking something decent. A few weeks ago, we were totally on the healthy meal bandwagon, but we fell off all too quickly. I swear I’ll put my seat belt on this time.. ’cause when I actually stick with it, I LOVE it. I’m really diggin’ the more vegetarian meals to be honest. Except I need bacon. I will never give up bacon. Ever. I’m serious.

In the spirit of healthy eating, I’m trying to figure out what’s going to be best for the good ‘ol diabeats. It’s been forever since I was adamant about a low-carb diet. Low-carb, low-fat, high(er) protein. I’m hoping that this will really help to control my post-meal sugars. I think I also need to evaluate my insulin:carb ratio, and maybe more tamed meals will make it easier to do that.

Does anyone have recipe suggestions? What foods sit best with your sugars?


About Carlyn

I am a friend, wife, daughter, sister, dog-mother and self-proclaimed 'blogger' who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1997 at the age of 10. I live in Durham, North Carolina with my husband and two (wild) hound dogs. We make the best of life by trying our hardest to take one day at a time, one unit at a time. You can contact me via e-mail at!

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