The Insulin has Dibs on the Cooler.


Let me start out by saying how thankful I am that we haven’t lost power among the record-breaking temperatures that the U.S. has been experiencing recently. We might only be cooling down thanks to two P.O.S. (that’s not a brand name) window AC units, but hey, no(t a lot of) complaining here!

Unfortunately, we do have family and friends that have had to resort to canceling vacations and booking hotel rooms due to loss of power and excessive heat. And from the looks of the news, there are many more unhappy & hot souls. People that are truly suffering because they don’t have money for a hotel room or family to stay with. My heart hurts for them. There are reports that some people won’t have power until Sunday. That’s a whole WEEK with no AC, no fridge.

What if that were me? I know that in a minor emergency like not having electricity, I could still take care of my diabetes. As the title of my post indicates, the insulin would obviously have first dibs on the cooler. Honestly, I feel better knowing that I could make it through a week without a fridge and be okay. But just as I make a successful emergency plan for the potential of not having electricity one day, I read about a story like this: 

ABCNEWS.COM – Sailors stranded at sea after Tropical Storm Debby were rescued after 9 days.
via Lost Sailors Rescued at Sea.

What if THAT were me??? I’d have to learn how to channel freakin’ MacGyver REAL QUICK if I ever wanted to survive 9 days at sea, on a raft, unprepared. Holy shit. Could I ever make it? My Dexcom and PDM would be ruined immediately, if they even made it on to the tiny raft with me and my sailor friends. Luckily, I’d still be getting a basal from my Pod.. but only for three days (if I was lucky enough to have JUST changed it right before I was dumped into the ocean).  If I had a basal though, I’d probably end up low since I didn’t have any food. And as soon as I wasn’t getting a basal, I’d shoot through the roof in a matter of hours. I’d be in DKA by the end of day 1 without a Pod. If we were on land and in a similar situation, I know Husband would suggest that I dig holes to keep my blood sugar down.  BUT YOU CAN’T DIG HOLES IN WATER, and I don’t tread well. Plus there are sharks, and I’d probably get eaten. My blood sugar is creeping up just thinking about it.

Okay, okay. I know that this is an extremely far-fetched predicament I’m imagining myself in. I guess it’s just scary to think that my life so desperately relies on vials of insulin. I think maybe I’ll stay off of barges for a bit.

Sidenote: So happy that these two guys made it to be able to share their story. I hope they are enjoying a nice hot meal and a cold beer with their families (and some time off of work). Also, kudos to those who helped to rescue them!


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