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Copious amounts of Hypos


I think my back (see: love handles) absorbs insulin like a freakin’ sponge. Or, I’m cured. I’d believe I was cured, except for the fact that among my lows, I haven’t shaken those nasty highs..

low bg reading

yes, I have an omnipod & still have to use this meter.. thanks insurance!

For the past two weeks or so, I’ve been hitting 45 mg/dl without even really noticing. Which is really weird for me, I’ve never really experienced hypo unawareness.

I really can’t tell if it’s truly that my new pod sites are excited to be getting some of that sweet, sweet insulin drip.. or if maybe I’m just paying waaay more attention to what I’m doing. I did just get all this new technology (dexcom & omnipod) to reinvigorate my D-routine.

Husband has been a joy at helping me out. I’ve had a couple episodes in the middle of the night that I don’t really remember, and he’s always running to the fridge to get me AJ. He even deals with me when I’m really angry or really goofy during lows in the daytime. Seriously a keeper!

I think I had sort of forgotten how scary lows can get, since I haven’t had any fainting/seizure episodes in years. During my research over the past couple of days, I was also lovingly reminded of the fact that night hypos could really end in us not waking up in the morning. Luckily, Dexter the Dexcom wakes me up, and so does husband. But still, it’s REALLY not a pleasant thought.

Plan of action: more evaluating. I’ve been setting temp basals at night. Like, a lot of them. Sometimes I go crazy high because I waaay over-correct a scary low and then set a temp, but.. such is life. I know I’m way past due for basal checks too. Maybe my levels are off. Who actually eats dinner at 5pm though?

Husband pointed out today that he thinks its my insulin: carb ratio. Guess we need to assess that too. Soooo many elements consider. But damn, he’s getting good at this, huh?


Decision-Making is not my Strong Suit.


I have been attached at the hip to an insulin pump for almost 14 years now. The tubing seems like a part of me; wearing it and sleeping with it have become almost second nature (maybe because I just throw it on my husband’s side of the bed..).

I’ve never really thought about switching pumps. My Minimed Pump and I have had a wonderfully chaotic relationship for years. It was scary to think about something new. Until last month, when I met an OmniPod rep at the DiabetesSisters Weekend for Women Conference. Oh how the lack of tubing intrigued me! To be able to pull my pants down without dropping my pump in the toilet sounded like a dream!

So I started researching. And spending hours on the phone with my insurance company. And a few weeks later.. the OmniPod is on it’s way to my doorstep. Then, I freaked. WHAT IF I MADE THE WRONG DECISION? I was losing sleep over it. My pants sort of missed that tubing..

I broke down yesterday and called the Animas rep. I wanted to make sure I had made the right switch. A new pump for me is like buying a new car, or a house, or adopting a wild hound dog. Important stuff.

Husband and I met with the Animas guru today (not a PWD though, not sure how spot on that guru title is). And although the pump had some great features, I was reminded that I really need to learn to trust myself more. This might not be the right decision for everyone, but it is for me.

For at least the next four years, I believe I’ll be wearing pods, not tubes 🙂


Happy day!


Here it goes..


Here I am, in the world of blogging!

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for quite a long time now. What I could never wrap my head around was a theme. I really don’t think my life’s that interesting.

AND THEN! I started reading other blogs in the realm of the Diabetes Online Community (DOC), and here I am. So please, bear with me as a find my voice and figure out how to use this blog thingy..

Happy Day!